About D9X


Our Mission

D9x is a social innovation platform driven by design thinking. D9x aims to build an independent, shared and open-source global creative community network to continuously link the diverse creative neurons of urban and rural areas; Provide multi-dimensional resources and opportunities for the growth and learning of every member of the community, and create an infinite future of green and sustainable development with the community.

D9X是以设计思维为驱动力的社会化创新平台。 D9X目标构建自主、共享、开源的全球创意社区网络,不断链接城市与乡村多样性的创意神经元;为社区每一个成员的成长与学习提供多维度的资源与机遇,并与社区一起创造绿色可持续发展的无限未来。

D9X Design incubator center

D9x design Incubation Center (D9X-DIC) is the world’s leading design talent innovation and entrepreneurship community.

D9x design incubation center provides professional design incubation services and powerful community network resources for design talents, and promotes the great changes of production mode, organization mode and business mode of design industry!


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