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Design .Digital .Dream


The essence of urban management is to serve people, and the construction of smart city should be based on people-oriented. Humanistic smart city is based on the concept of “design city” – emphasizing design innovation service and solving various problems of urban development with design thinking“ Digital city “- to provide richer digital applications and promote the popularization of urban information for the benefit of the people“ Dream city “- sharing the lifestyle of cultural diversity, promoting the all-round development of new economic formats, so that everyone can live and grow better in the city.

城市管理的本质是为人服务,智慧城市的建设要“以人为本”这一最根本的出发点和落脚点。D.City 人文智慧城市是以“Design City”— 强调设计创新服务的理念、用设计思维解决城市发展的各种问题;“Digital City ”— 提供更丰富的数字化应用,提升城市信息惠民的普及;”Dream City”-—共享文化多样性的生活方式,推动新经济业态的全面发展,让每个人可以在城市中更好地生活和成长。


Design Incubator Center

Co-working \ Co-Design \ Co-Brand


Design Platform Union

Share共享 \Collaboration共生\ Mutualism共振

Creativity and the future of green sustainable development

D9x and like-minded global teams and organizations work together to build a symbiotic and win-win humanistic smart city. With strong social responsibility and enthusiasm, we promote global cultural exchange and integration, focus on the role of innovation and creativity in solving social problems and promoting social development, and highly respect talents to face the new challenges in the future with you!

D9X与志同道合的全球团队与组织携手,希望一起构建共生共赢的人文智慧城市。我们以强烈的社会责任与热情,推动全球文化交流与融合,关注创新和创意在解决社会问题与推动社会发展中的作用,并高度尊重人才 ,与您一起面对未来的新挑战 !

LINK community

The community is living, sustainable and Internet. Each community has its own unique culture and way of life, links to the community and discovers Wonderland.

社区是有生命的 ,可持续的,互联网的。每一个社区是有自己独的文化与生活方式,链接社区,发现奇境。

Open Source community

Socialization, network and self-organization